Mid week Crisis on which meals to make?
Family Meals for the week & Weekend FRY UP with Bacon , sausage & Egg
Delivered for Just £30

Whopping 900g Rindless Back Bacon
840g Sausages
10 Large Barn Eggs
1 Whole Fresh Chicken (Choose Your Flavour)
500g Plain Thick Cut Tender Pork Loin Steaks
500g Flavoured Thick Cut Tender Pork Loin Steaks (Choose Your Flavour)
400g Lean Mince
1Kg Flavoured Chicken Portions
5 Burgers (Choose your Flavour)


From The Following Flavours:

*** 100% Beef Burgers, BBQ Beef Burgers, Chinese Beef Burgers

 Piri Piri Burgers, Lamb Burgers, Minted Lamb Burgers

Lamb Tikka Burgers ***

Choose Your FREE flavouring from any of these Marinades:

**** BBQ, Chinese, Garlic, Peppered, Piri Piri, Mint, Tikka

Tandoori, Lemon Pepper, Hot n Spicy, Jamaican Jerk,

Italian, Salt n Pepper ****

Choose your Sausage Flavour`s From :

*** Plain Pork, Pork & Tomato

Cumberland, Chilli & Leek, Olde English


Pork & Black Pudding,****